What to Expect

Fellowship- At Bethel Church, you’ll be warmly greeted by a congregation of believers who are actively seeking to grow closer to Christ through daily discipleship. Before and after the services, you will find warm conversations ranging from the sermon topic to events from the past week. The wonderful sound of children playing is heard very quickly after the closing benediction. Fellowship is very important to Bethel Church.


Worship– Sunday morning worship begins at 10:30am and continues until around 12:00pm. Our worship services consist of three basic parts; singing, preaching, and prayer. The first thing that you will probably notice about our services is that they are family integrated, meaning whole families worship our Savior together. The family was the first institution created by God. We believe that God commands families to worship together as one family unit. Each family member participates in unity during the full worship service.


Singing- We have 30 minutes of congregational singing starting at 10:30am. At Bethel Church, the musical instrument used during worship is our voice. The practice of the early (primitive) church was A Cappella singing of praises to God. God created these instruments, our voices, to sing praises to his name. We believe that God has commanded us to have joy flow from our heart in the form of songs. The songs sung are chosen by the congregation. Each person is able to participate during the praise service not by only singing but also by selecting songs that God has laid upon their hearts.


Preaching- The preaching that comes from the pulpit at Bethel is a mixture of experiential, topical, and expositional. Sermon time varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Topics vary from Christian living  to salvation. All sermons are brought forth from the King James (Authorized) Bible. Delving into both the Old and New testaments, we endeavor to continue to seek Christ and grow in the knowledge of His word.


Prayer– Throughout our services, prayer is a deep part of our worship. We take time to allow the congregation to announce any prayer requests or thanksgivings that are on their heart. We truly believe that the prayer of righteous people avails much.

We hope that you will feel welcome to come worship with us soon.